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    Automatic Traditional Chinese Medicine Pill Making Machine

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    Main Application

           ZWJ-M Automatic Traditional Chinese Medicine Pill Making Machine is the large-scale traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine which is the highest production efficiency machine in domestic and overseas at present. It can produce pill diameter from 3 to 12mm such as small honey pill, water honey pill, honey pill, condensed pill and starched pill. With special design and fabrication processing, it can also produce the ceramic pill, molecular sieve pill in chemical industry and various food pill, flour pill, etc. This machine is the ideal preferred equipment for different Pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospital preparation room and Food manufacturers.

    Working Principle

          Put the mixing and refining uniform medicinal paste material into the Pill Making Machine stock bin. With the squeezing of helix propeller, the machine produces 3 medicinal bars which are the same size. The medicinal bars synchronous feed by the auto-control wheel and conducting bar wheel to twist and roll, and then it will twist and cut round, complete and uniform pills fast and continuous.


         1. This machine is with reasonable structure, stable function, low noise, simple operation, convenience maintain and clean and high production efficiency. The whole is stainless steel and in accordance with GMP authentication requirements.

     2. Using import frequency converter, automaticity is high.

     3. Pelletizing cutting wheel uses titanium alloy material. It is easy handling, no pollution and long service life. With special fabrication processing, the produced pill is smooth,bright and round.

       4. The pill forms at one time with uniform size. The rate of finished products is more than 98%. Disintegration is good, in line with national pharmacopoeia standards.            5. With special improved structural design and advanced fabrication processing of the twisting pill cutter, it works without sticking pill, alcohol and power spreading. The special situation can use a little alcohol.

    Technical Parameters


    Pill Diameter




    Bar Quantity

    Overall Dimension











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